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tell me something I don't know.

Anonymous wants to know: opinions on kasey memoree and grace?

Kasey: Girl is entertaining as fuck and she sure carries herself well. Props to her on how she’s handled August as of late.

Memoree: I haven’t seen much of her around. That just shows there’s nothing special about her as of yet and she needs to do something about that. Quick.

Grace: She seems like a laid-back chick but I don’t know. Something about her appeal seems pretty bland. She comes off as sweet, little daddy’s girl or some shit and I can’t help but wonder if there’s a kinky side to her somewhere underneath all of that. 


Anonymous wants to know: It's safe to say Jace and Hayden are a couple now, don't you agree? (Update the couples page)

It’s safe to say that I’ve lost interest on the two by now. Finally home-girl got with it though. It was about damn time. 


Anonymous wants to know: who do you c emerie with?

Someone to liven her up because she’s been pretty irrelevant as of late. I’m just sayin’, home-girl needs to get with it. 


Anonymous wants to know: What's your thoughts on James?

I’ve answered this already.

Anonymous wants to know: What are your thoughts on James? August? Austin?

James: He seems like a sketchy motherfucker and he gives me the shivers and not in a good way. I’d prefer to keep my distance from him at all times.

August: Complicated boy with a hot body. What can I say? The dude is a looker. Although, I’m not sure how many people would be down to crack him. Seems like that’d be quite the challenge.

Austin: Sometimes I like him, sometimes I love him, and sometimes I just want to fuck him to be honest. 


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Anonymous wants to know: ur hawt
Tell me something I don’t know.

Anonymous wants to know: Charlie is so bipolar she's probably just completely insane
Bi-polar, you say? Hmm, that’s an interesting assumption. Babe, aren’t we all a bit insane?

Alright, just want to formally apologize for my dodgy activity lately. I’ve been super busy with college admissions and etc. I’ll get working on this asap but I’m currently mobile so bare with me. Anywho, send in your confessions guys!

Anonymous wants to know: who do you ship with ellie ripley india kasey and ella p

Ellie: I could see with Diego or Austin. Maybe even Kasey?

Ripley: I don’t think anyone could keep up with her if I’m being honest.

India: maybe that Harrison boy.

Kasey with Hayden or maybe even Diego. Oh! Or we could put her in a room with Augustus. You know what they say: Hate sex is the best sex. 

and I have suddenly forgotten who Ella is. Oops. 


Anonymous wants to know: thoughts on Charlie?

She seemed timid yesterday but I guess you just gotta give it a couple of days before the freak within comes out, if you know what I’m saying.